Pink & White

Nail Enhancements

Options include:  Solar Pink Refill, Gel Pink, Solar Pink & White Refill, Solar Pink & White Full-Set, Pink & White Color Powder Gel, and Pink & White Color Gel Fill. These options include Special Shiny Gel.

Pink & White Price
Solar Pink Refill $28
Gel Pink Refill $27
Solar Pink & White Refill $40
Solar Pink & White Full-Set $50
Pink & White Color Powder Gel $60
Pink & White Color Gel Fill $50

Looking for Pink and White nail options?  Glamour Nails can accommodate your needs!  We provide 6 different options that showcase a pink and white nail look.  Pink and White Nails are a fun way to brighten up the natural nail look. They give you a polished and sophisticated nail while still leaving you with a classy natural look.  Best of both worlds!