Art Design Services include:  Hand Designs, Airbrush Designs, New York Style French, and Nail Art.

Art Design Services Price
Hand Designs $10-$15
Airbrush Designs $8-$15
Nail Art (each) $3

Looking for a fresh and unique nail art design for your hands or feet?  Having a nail art design on your finger nails, toes, or both really gives a person the chance to express themselves and enhance the look they are going for.  The nice thing about nail art and polish changes are that they can be changed at anytime to give you a new and different look, but if you are interested in keeping the look you already have for a good period of time, our professional work will make sure that happens.  See our nail design images to see if we have done a design you want!  If you don’t see a design that you like, it’s not a problem, we love creating new designs that are unique to you and the look you are going for.