Acryllic Full-Set

Nail Enhancements

Options include:  Acrylic, Gel, Solar, or Dominique.

Full-Set Options Price
Acrylic Full-Set $30
Gel Full-Set $40
Solar Full-Set $45
Dominique Full-Set $55
Add French $5

Get a fresh new set of acrylic nails! We offer 5 different types of nails to accommodate any type of nails that you like.  Our nail services are high quality and long lasting.  Whether you frequently visit us or are just in town visiting, Glamour nails is a nail salon in Minneapolis that will take care of any nail services you need.

Acrylic Refill

Nail Enhancements

Options include:  Acrylic, Gel, Solar, or Dominique.  We also have Shiny Gel available!

Refill Options Price
Acrylic Refill $18
Gel Refill $25
Solar Refill $25
Dominique Refill $25
Add Shiny Gel $2
Add Gel Color $10
Add French (Regular) $5

Pink & White

Nail Enhancements

Options include:  Solar Pink Refill, Gel Pink, Solar Pink & White Refill, Solar Pink & White Full-Set, Pink & White Color Powder Gel, and Pink & White Color Gel Fill. These options include Special Shiny Gel.

Pink & White Price
Solar Pink Refill $28
Gel Pink Refill $27
Solar Pink & White Refill $40
Solar Pink & White Full-Set $50
Pink & White Color Powder Gel $60
Pink & White Color Gel Fill $50

Looking for Pink and White nail options?  Glamour Nails can accommodate your needs!  We provide 6 different options that showcase a pink and white nail look.  Pink and White Nails are a fun way to brighten up the natural nail look. They give you a polished and sophisticated nail while still leaving you with a classy natural look.  Best of both worlds!

Manicure Options:  Classic, Paraffin, Gel Polish Only, Spa, Gel, and Gel with French.

Manicure Type Price
Classic $15
Paraffin $20
Spa $25
Gel $33
Gel with French $37
Add French (Regular) $5

Try one of our luxury manicure options. Glamour nails provides luxury manicures at affordable prices.  We have options to fit time requirements, relaxation and hand hydration needs, hand and nail needs, all with a high level of quality and satisfaction.

Glamour Nails will leave your hands and finger nails cleaned, groomed, massaged and polished.  Our manicures take the polish change to the next level by adding in just a bit more service and relaxation to the experience.  New to manicures?  We use professionally cleaned and sterilized equipment. Opened fresh out of a package during your appointment. We do this to give each of our visitors peace of mind so they can enjoy their time with us to the fullest.

Pedicure Options:  Classic, Paraffin, Sea Salt, Spa, and Spa & Hot Stone.

Pedicure Type Price
Classic $30
Paraffin $35
Sea Salt $35
Spa $40
Spa & Hot Stone $50
Add Gel Polish Color $15
Add French (Regular) $5

We have a ton of different pedicure options here at Glamour Nails in the West End.  Whether you frequently get pedicures or are looking to try something new to help your feet.  Having options will keep your frequent visits fun, different, and it helps cater to each individual’s preference.

New To Pedicures?

Are your feet feeling or looking dry and rough? Is your toe nail paint chipping?  If you, like many others, experience dry, worn and rough feet due to the shoes you wear, being on your feet frequently, or just have feet that that could use a little pampering for other reasons, we invite you to visit us for a pedicure.  You will receive high quality treatment starting with sitting in one of our king massage pedicure chairs.  We will clean, scrub, massage, and pamper your feet back to new.

Special Packages include:  Manicure & Pedicure, Acrylic & Pedicure, and Gel Manicure & Classic Pedicure.

Special Packages Price
Manicure & Pedicure $43
Acrylic & Pedicure $58
Gel Manicure & Classic Pedicure $60

Looking for a spa day? Take advantage of one of our Special Packages. You will enjoy multiple nail services provided by Glamour Nails at a great price. You will leave here feeling rejuvenated, have beautiful nails and still have a little money left over to buy yourself a nice outfit in the West End area to match your new nail look. Women do this all the time, treat yourself!

Please Note: **Not valid with other offers and/or group rates.

Children’s Services

12 Years-Old or Under

Children’s Services include:  Manicure, Pedicure, Manicure & Pedicure, Acrylic Full-Set & Pedicure, Polish Change on Hands, Polish Change on Feet, French Polish Change on Hands, and French Polish Change on Feet. (12 years old or under)

Children’s Services Price
Manicure $12
Gel Manicure $25
Pedicure $25
Spa Pedicure $35
Gel Pedicure $35
Manicure & Pedicure $35
Acrylic Full Set & Pedicure $50
Polish Change on Hands $5
Polish Change on Feet $8
French Polish Change on Hands $8
French Polish Change on Feet $10
Gel Polish Color Change on Hands $17
Gel Polish Color Change on Feet $22
Gel Manicure & Gel Pedicure $55

Who said kids don’t love to be pampered too? We are a family establishment and encourage our guests to bring the family with them. This includes the KIDS! Between our kid pedicure chairs, kid nail designs and other children’s services, they will surely enjoy themselves at Glamour Nails just as much as you will.

Art Design Services include:  Hand Designs, Airbrush Designs, New York Style French, and Nail Art.

Art Design Services Price
Hand Designs $10-$15
Airbrush Designs $8-$15
Nail Art (each) $3

Looking for a fresh and unique nail art design for your hands or feet?  Having a nail art design on your finger nails, toes, or both really gives a person the chance to express themselves and enhance the look they are going for.  The nice thing about nail art and polish changes are that they can be changed at anytime to give you a new and different look, but if you are interested in keeping the look you already have for a good period of time, our professional work will make sure that happens.  See our nail design images to see if we have done a design you want!  If you don’t see a design that you like, it’s not a problem, we love creating new designs that are unique to you and the look you are going for.

Polish Change Options:  French on Hands, French Manicure on Hands, French Manicure on Feet, American Manicure on Hands, American Manicure on Feet, Color Change on Hands, Color Change on Feet, Color Change on Hands & Feet, and French Color Change on Hands & Feet.

Polish Changes Price
French Manicure on Hands $12
French Manicure on Feet $13
American Manicure on Hands $12
American Manicure on Feet $13
Color Change on Hands $10
Color Change on Feet $12
Gel Color Change on Hands $22
Gel Color Change on Feet $27
Gel French Polish Change on Hands $27
Gel French Polish Change on Feet $32


There is nothing like having a fresh, smooth and shiny polish change on your finger nails and toes.  Glamour Nails provides a variety of polish change options that will meet any vision you have for how you would like your nails to look.   We carry multiple brands of polish, types of polish and the styling will be unique to you, of course.

If you are someone who doesn’t typically get their nails done and are looking for a great way to treat yourself, we invite you come in and visit us for a polish change.  You will leave here feeling relaxed, pampered and your hands will be a little bit more lovely.

Additional Services:  Apply Shiny Gel, Cream Buff, Nail Repair, Toe Acrylic, Nail Removal, Nail Cut Down, and Paraffin Dip (Hands or Feet).

Additional Nail Services Price
Apply Shiny Gel $5-$8
Cream Buff $5
Nail Repair (each) $5
Toe Acrylic $5-$7
Nail Removal $10
Nail Cut Down $5
Paraffin Dip (Hands) $7
Paraffin Dip (Feet) $10
Gel Polish Remove $5


Here at Glamour Nails Salon and Spa, we pride ourselves on being a professional, classy and true, full service nail salon.  Sometimes individuals need other nail services that are outside the typical nail services request.  We have the most popular services that are requested frequently listed above.  If you are in need of a nail service not listed, please give us call so we can confirm that we can accommodate your needs.